Low-rent liveaboard life in high-rent San Francisco Bay

Low-rent liveaboard life in high-rent San Francisco Bay

Fiver Brown is a musician and the kind of guy who has worked as a rodeo clown and a sushi photographer, so he couldn’t really afford to buy a home in his current hometown of Sausalito with an average home price of 2.2 million dollars. So he bought a boat.

Technically, he bought a floating home. It’s a former WWII lifeboat that had been converted into a small home and docked at one of the town’s historic houseboat communities.

It’s only 13 feet by 37 feet (481 square feet), but the views are unbeatable. He watches stingrays and birds from the galley/kitchen and from his lofted bed he can peer down at his floating neighbors and the hills of Sausalito above.

His home is paid off- though he still pays a monthly slip rental as part of the Galilee Harbor Coop- and he’s living right where he wants to be, in a town known for its arts scene.

He and his band- Fiver Brown and the Good Sinners- perform regular gigs in both Sausalito and across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Fiver also uses his small home as a place to write music and as headquarters for his local label, Floating Records.

The docks here have always been a sanctuary: first for refugees of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and later for beatniks and hippies. In 1967 Otis Redding wrote the first verse of “Sitting on The Dock of the Bay” while staying on a floating home here. Stewart Brand of the Whole Earth Catalog still lives here on a former tugboat.

In this video, Fiver shows us his digs, including a walk-in closet and bathroom renovation in-progress, and performs one of his recent songs aboard his gently rocking maritime crib.

Fiver Brown’s music: http://www.myspace.com/fiverbrownmusic

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Liveaboard life: minimalism in a tiny home at sea

Liveaboard life: minimalism in a tiny home at sea

Teresa Carey lives on her sailboat Daphne with no flush toilet or shower, an icebox for a refrigerator, no television and few electronics. She doesn’t see it as a sacrifice, but as an opportunity to live a bigger life unfettered by her possessions.

Find how how Teresa affords this lifestyle: http://sailingsimplicity.com/money-money-money-mon-ay/

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Teresa’s blog: http://sailingsimplicity.com/
More about Teresa: teresacarey.com

Choosing freedom of tiny home-boat over Hollywood life

Choosing freedom of tiny home-boat over Hollywood life

Heather Wilcoxon grew up visiting the Hollywood sets of her actor parents (her father played Marc Antony opposite Claudette Clobert in Cecil B. DeMille’s Cleopatra and her mother played Brenda Starr in the original tv series), but at age 20 she left all that behind to move aboard a boat and for the past 4 decades has made her home on the San Francisco Bay.

Wilcoxon bought her current home, a turn-of-the-century vessel in 1986 and she’s been remodeling it ever since. The Delta Queen was once a cook house barge in the Sacramento River Delta, but in the seventies it earned a permanent berth in the San Francisco Bay.

Wilcoxon lives on about $12,000 a year, paying a small monthly fee to the cooperative for berth rights (which includes sewage and laundry). Her electric bills are only about $12 in the summer and $60 during the frosty winter months.

In this video, Wilcoxon gives us a tour of her tiny home: her built-in bed, closet and storage, her full bathroom (clawfoot tub included) and her enclosed deck with upright piano (she performs for us one of the pieces she composed).

Original story: http://www.faircompanies.com/videos/view/choosing-freedom-tiny-home-boat-over-hollywood-life/